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Kasih Ikhlas AAT

Who are we?

AAT's Kasih Ikhlas Program (P.K.I.A) was previously known as Infak Insaniah Program

This program started in 2009, but it was not very effective. Most are focused on channeling scholarly materials that have been contributed by customers through their purchases and are reserved for institutions that apply.

The Kasih Ikhlas AAT (P.K.I.A) program was represented by Tuan Mohd Khushairi bin Abdul Khalid.

Patron of the Kasih Ikhlas AAT Program who is also the CHIEF OF MARKETING (C.M.O) at Ade Azhar Trading Company and is the person most responsible for the management of this program.

Program Concept

Purchase and Hibah Program

Starting in early 2018, as the beginning of Ade Azhar Trading Company received many partnerships from places - places that have been channeled to inform that there are still many institutions, maahad, schools, huts, madrasahs, and welfare homes that lack scientific resources and some also lack of spending funds.

From there began the program, to be the trustee of the customers who buy and endow for us to deliver this contribution to the selected places and also those who apply. However, with good judgment, the company is personally called to channel donations and kitchen items as assistance to reduce the burden of certain parties.

However, P.K.I.A expects support from any individual to provide precise cooperation by supporting the results of this noble work for those who need to get what they deserve from starting quality scientific materials and also infrastructure that can provide their comfort as a group known as asnaf.


— Pillars of Waqf

1. People who endow.
2. The party receiving the endowment.
3. Endowed objects.
4. Letters relating to waqf including wills (also known as sighah waqf.)

— Meaning of Waqf

In terms of language:

Al Waqf means endowed property.
Al Habs means the property is seized.
Al Mana’ bermaksud dihalang

— Types of Waqf

Waqf is divided into 2 namely:

1. WAQF AHLI (Family Waqf)
This waqf is dedicated to the benefits of family members who have been determined by the waqf.

This waqf is divided into general waqf and special waqf.


Waqf Application

Ade Azhar Trading Sdn Bhd under the Kasih Ikhlas AAT program opens the opportunity to any educational institution, mosque / surau or welfare home that requires Al - Quran endowment contribution, can fill in the following application form.

Pertanyaan lanjut, sila hubungi kami

Successful applications will be contacted by Ade Azhar Trading Sdn Bhd's social services officer via email or phone.We very much welcome you to share this info with those who need donations of al-Quran waqf.

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